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Places for tattoos

One of the important points when choosing a tattoo is the place. It is important that the picture of the tattoo and the chosen place are in harmony. For this, most often the tattoo artist draws a sketch for a specific place, and not vice versa.

Where it is better to fill a tattoo

When choosing a place for a tattoo, it is important to know some of the nuances:

  • Do you want your tattoo to be noticeable, or that it is hidden.
  • How often does your skin tan
  • Dry skin and how much time you can give to care for a healed tattoo

For some, the hiddenness of the tattoo is very important. There are places that relate to the hidden, barely noticeable and which can be covered with clothing.

Such places include:

  • Tattoos on the legs (thighs, lower legs, feet)
  • Tattoos on the abdomen and ribs
  • Tattoo on the back
  • Tattoos on the upper arm (shoulder, biceps)

But you must understand that anyway your tattoo can be noticed under certain circumstances, completely invisible places do not exist, except that intimate places on which in my opinion tattoos have no artistic value.
The second important point is the effect of the sun on the skin. If you often work in open space, in the sun and without outer clothing, you need to take into account the fact that with frequent exposure to the sun, the tattoo loses its saturation. In addition, on tanned skin tattoos look less contrast. Under such conditions, special care of the tattoo will be required, it is necessary to use a sunblock and various moisturizing creams and oils. In this case, it is better to choose a place that is not heavily exposed to the sun’s rays.

Problematic tattoos

There are also problematic places where the tattoo is healed for a long time and not very high quality, it is often necessary to make a correction and treat the skin in a special way after the healing of the tattoo.

Such places include:

  • Hands, palms and fingers
  • Elbows and knees
  • Feet (front) and toes

In these areas, dry and stale dermis, which will need to be additionally moistened. On the hands, palms, fingers, elbows and feet, the upper layer of the dermis is often renewed, which can cause the pigment to fall out unevenly over time, and even the healed tattoo will not look perfect. The paint in such areas is heavily laid down, such skin should be prepared for a tattoo session, if it is too dry, lubricate with cream or special oils. During the care, too, you will often need to change the dressings and wash the tattoo, so as not to form a crust. On the elbows and knees crumpled skin, and working with such places requires a special approach, as well as caring for such tattoos.
Moreover, it is most painful to have a tattoo in these places, since there is no muscle layer, and the dermis is thinner and more tender.
Tattoos on legs
The legs are a fairly hidden part of the body, and the tattoo on the legs is not noticeable. On the feet of tattoos quickly and qualitatively lie down and heal well.
The leg is divided into several areas for tattooing:
• Tattoo on the thigh (rear, front, side)
• Shin tattoo (calf and front part)
• Foot tattoo

Hip tattoos

The thigh is a large area of ​​the body, moreover the skin in this area tends to stay in good shape, despite your age, so you can not worry about the kind of your tattoo through time.

Also, this area is less exposed to the sun and the skin most often has a light tint, so that your tattoo will look contrasting and bright.

The girls are very tattooed on the side of the hip, men do the tattoo from the front of the thigh.
There are many options for choosing tattoo ideas for this area and such works look good. Due to the fact that this wide area can accommodate several large objects and make an interesting composition.

Shin Tattoo

Most often the tattoo is beaten on the back of this site, on the roe. This site has a similar skin to the thigh, heals well not severely painful and is also unobtrusive. It is best to place large objects on this place, so that from the height the picture is legible.

Interesting are the tattoos around the entire circumference of the shin, although on the front of the shin the sensations are more unpleasant than on the calf.

Back tattoo

The back is the largest area on the body. Incredibly look completely hammered back, you can come up with an interesting tattoo story, but time for such a tattoo will take a lot. Moreover, the skin on the back is more problematic than on the legs due to the presence of glands in this place. So the process of drawing a tattoo becomes longer.

The back is generally not a very noticeable area. Especially if the girl gets a tattoo under her neck, in the middle of the back, under the hair this tattoo will not be noticeable.

Feelings from the process of drawing tattoos in this place are very different, it all depends on the person and his pain threshold, sometimes people generally do not feel anything at this place, but the most unpleasant sensations are usually in the region of the spine.

Tattoo on the abdomen and ribs

The belly and ribs have a large area and are suitable for large compositions. In addition, they are visible only when you want to demonstrate them. Tattooes on the side are especially attractive, especially when the tattoo passes from the side of the abdomen to the thigh. Such tattoos are very good for girls.

Gracefully look tattoos with patterns in the graphics under the breasts of the girls.
Men often beat tattoos on the side of the ribs and abdomen. Unusually, the inscriptions of Chicano on the whole abdomen of men.
Belly and ribs are often less tanned areas of the body and tattoos on these places look bright.
The skin on the abdomen and ribs is tender enough and it will be painful to apply the tattoo, although there have been cases when people were tickled on the ribs, or there were no painful sensations at all.

Tattoo on the shoulder

The shoulder is one of the most common places. On the one hand, the shoulder is a convex part of the body that is at eye level, therefore, a tattoo on the shoulder will catch your eye, if you are without clothes, but on the other hand, it will easily be hidden by clothing. So if you constantly go in a shirt with a long sleeve, some will not even know that you have a tattoo.
The tattoo on the shoulder will look nice both on the man and the woman regardless of age. The shoulder is a three-dimensional area and you can fill a fairly large object on it, just as you can make unusual symmetrical compositions on your shoulders.
The shoulders are considered one of the least painful places for tattoos and tattoos in this place are quickly healed.
Nevertheless, if you often are in the sun without outer clothing, you need to consider that you will need special care for such a tattoo. The shoulders are a discovery site on which the skin tans the fastest, so that the tattoo can very quickly lose its appearance and become dull.

Tattoo on the forearm

The forearm is located on the arm from the elbow to the wrist. The forearm has excellent skin for work, tattoos heal well and ideas for applying an incredible array.
The forearm is one of the most open parts of the body and it’s a great place to show everyone their tattoo.
You can stuff a tattoo on all the forearms, or make a bracelet around it in the wrist area, or under the elbow
Sometimes, when making a tattoo on the forearm, a person gets carried away and makes himself a whole sleeve.

Breast Tattoo

Distributed mainly among men. On the chest, you can fill a large tattoo, basically it will consist of two main objects, each will be located on one of the muscles of the chest. Ideas for tattoos on the chest are incredible.
Girls rarely hit this place with large tattoos, due to changes in the skin in this place the tattoo can adversely change its appearance. For girls, a small tattoo in the collarbone area is suitable.