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Tattoo sleeve

If you decide to make a tattoo on the whole hand – a tattoo sleeve is perfect for you.
Sleeve is a very beautiful solution, which can draw your dignity and personality, because the theme of the tattoo is very diverse and everyone can choose what he likes. In addition, the tattooed sleeve looks good both on the man and on the woman.

Creation of a sleeve tattoo is a long and laborious process, but a qualitative result will justify itself. The main thing is to approach this issue seriously and patiently because the tattoo stays with you for life.

Sketch for tattoo sleeves

One of the key points is a well-chosen sketch. The sketch must be drawn by a real artist and fit under the place of drawing of the future tattoo. It is very important that he be individual. Even if you really liked some idea of an already stuffed tattoo, a good artist can draw you a desired and unique sketch based on this idea and you will be sure that no one else has such tattoos.

There are few ways to drawing a sketch for a future sleeve tattoo:

  • complete sketch on the whole hand
  • several drawings drawn gradually for each part of the hand separately, combining in style and theme

In my opinion, it’s best to order a sketch at once on the whole hand, so the future tattoo will look whole and complete. This approach allows you to take into account all the features of the physique, bends and features of the hand. In addition, it is important to order a sketch and make a tattoo from one tattoo artist. Even if the masters work in the same style, each has his own “handwriting”, that is, his own technique of drawing and applying pigment and if he hammers the hand of different masters, it can be noticeable and the tattoo will not look like a complete sleeve. The tattoo looks beautiful when there is one idea, thought out and made by one experienced master.

The process of tattooing

The application of a sleeve tattoo takes about 4 to 8 sessions, it all depends on the size of the hand, the type of skin (it is coarser, or vice versa soft) and the sketch itself, or rather the number of parts on it.

I divide the work process into 4 zones:

  • This forearm, from the outside and inside
  • the shoulder, also on the outer and inner sides

You can start from any site and do not worry that the tattoo will look unfinished. For one long session you can make one part of the hand and it will look like a full-fledged tattoo.
Tattooing the sleeves can stretch for a year, or vice versa, to fill in for a short time, if you make sessions in a row. It all depends on your wishes.

The idea for a future tattoo

The first thing you need to do when choosing an idea for a tattoo – will determine the style. You do not need to learn the formal names of styles, you can organize photos of your favorite tattoo artwork or drawings on the Internet and show this tattoo artist. Pay attention to what you like in this or that tattoo. It can be patterns or divorces, or some specific object.

The second thing to do when choosing an idea is to select objects for your future tattoo. For example, you like Japanese stylistics – dragons and sakura. The tattoo master will be able to offer you to make one big dragon, twisting his arm, with sakura flowers around and white divorces or patterns, in order to give a sketch of artistry and compatibility with anatomical features. The main thing is to bring your idea to the master and he will be able to build on this in the process of creating a sketch.

Here are a few photo of tattoo sleeves, you can get tattoo like these from me and I will happy to draw a sketch for you considering all your wishes.

Particular attention deserves surreal images, when different elements are intertwined with each other in the overall picture. White stains and patterns add a twist to tattoos and emphasize bends of the hand. Geometry looks very aesthetically.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas for tattoo sleeves and any of them can be beautifully realized, the main thing is to turn to the right master and your tattoo will always please you.

The examples show the work of talented and highly professional masters: Nick Broslavskiy (Kyiv, Ukraine), Kelly Violet (London, United Kingdom), Victor Portugal (Krakow, Poland), Luke Palan (Las Vegas, United States), Rodrigo Muinhos (Fortaleza, Brazil ), Josh Duffy (United States), Matthew James (Bristol, United Kingdom), Deni Aktemirov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Piotr Szot (Poland), Arlo DiCristina (Grand Junction, United States), Tony Hua (Toronto, Canada).