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Tattoo-master and artist in Dnipro

Tattoo-master and artist in Dnipro

My name is Kate Shevtsova.

I’m a tattoo-master from 2016 and an artist from childhood.
I loved classes in painting and drawing, I drew with oil, gouache, watercolor and ink, I drew on paper, glass, wood and gypsum.

Drawing for me is a way to express myself, my thoughts and my emotions.

Now with tattooing I express also yours thought and individuality.

I drew a lot and worked on myself to achieve a result that helps me to please you with quality tattoos and continue to perfect my skill to this day.

Every time I see your surprise and delight, I try to draw more and more, come up with new, special ideas. I want to see people with beautiful and unusual tattoos because tattoos, in the first place, are individual.

It is important for me that you are satisfied with the tattoo and I put maximum effort into it.
I’m very glad that now most of my clients want to get tattoos just by my sketches.

Thank you for your trust,
your tattoo-master.